About Sinker Treasures

Our lumber is unlike any other wood product that can be purchased today. Our logs started in the virgin forest. These trees were over 600 years old when they were cut with a broad head axe. Since the day the logs sank while floating to the sawmill , our product has been aging in the river bottoms completely preserved. We now raise the logs and saw them into lumber and beams for historic restoration and new construction.

Sinker Treasures produces custom wood components for your project design. From 2” x 12” single piece crown moulding , beautiful rustic flooring to structural beams for timberframe home construction. We have a knife library that consists of over 5000 moulding profiles. If we do not have the specific profile you are looking for we can custom grind a knife for your project.

Sinker Cypress & River Reclaimed Cypress Lumber

5161 HWY 98 West, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459
Phone: 912.327.0255
Email: sales@lumberlocators.com

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