Sinker Treasures Products

We supply a diverse selection of rough or finished sinker cypress and sinker pine lumber.  Our lists of products include beams, timbers, posts, lumber (5/4″, 6/4″, 8/4″, 10/4″) paneling, flooring, tongue and groove (T&G), decking, S4S, crown molding, window and door trim, baseboards, ceiling panels, interior and exterior siding, and much more.

We also offer kiln dried products (10%-12%).



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Sinker Cypress

Sinker Cypress Lumber comes from old growth cypress logs that were ax cut in the early 1800’s.  The logs were lost during transportation and have been submerged in the rivers, bayous, creeks, and swamps of the southern regions of the United States. These logs are now retrieved and used for many historical restorations, timberframe homes and new construction.

Sinker Pine

Sinker Pine, just as sinker cypress, is a river recovered old growth wood that has been sunken in the river bottoms and has been retrieved for use in historic restorations, timber frame homes, and new construction.

Pecky Sinker Cypress

Pecky Sinker Cypress is a unique grade of Sinker Cypress that is caused by a fungus. The fungus only grows while the tree is alive and forms tubular pockets inside the tree. These pockets give the cypress a rustic look that is preferred by interior designer and architects.

Curly Sinker Pine

Curly sinker Pine is another unique grade of sinker pine resulting from an abnormal growth, usually called a burl, that forms on the tree. This burl causes the grain to grow “curly” and gives the lumber a beautiful grain pattern that never fails to catch the eye.

Tidewater cypress

Tidewater cypress is grown only in the deep Southeastern coastal swamps and along the Gulf of Mexico.