Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order?

Call or send us an e-mail with your list of specifications. We will e-mail you an estimate with price break down, freight rate and total. Mail signed copy of estimate with %50 deposit check included (payable to Sinker Treasures ) to begin processing. The remaining balance is due when the order is completed. At the time of full payment your order will be shipped to you by LTL carrier. We will e-mail you a receipt once the deposit payment is processed and once again when full payment is made.
Minimum Order is $300

How will Sinker Treasures ship your order?

Most orders less than 8000 LBS are shipped by LTL carriers in a enclosed trailer. Generally , shipping charges start at $300. , depending on distance, size and weight of your order. Each order will be quoted individually and listed on your estimate.
Sinker cypress WET weighs 8 LBS per BFT
Sinker cypress DRY weighs 3.5 pounds per BFT

How old is Sinker Cypress?

These logs were cut with an axe and floated down the rivers form 1880-1920.The trees were 150-1500 years old when they were axe chopped. that means the youngest logs were 237 years old.

Why should I use Sinker Cypress?
Due to the age of the trees cut ,the growth rings are much closer: which allows more stability. All of the sap wood has already disintergrated off the log, leaving all heard wood with high concentration of cypressine oil which makes sinker cypress durable and excellent for outdoor use.

What can Sinker Cypress be used for?

Mantels, beams ,post ,timbers,siding,decking,lumber,ceiling,cladding,flooring,siding,columns, crown ,base, casing, and all applied mouldings.

What does rough sawn mean?
Rough sawn is lumber the that has been sawn and has a rough texture.

What does planed mean?

Planed lumber is rough sawn lumber that has been ran through a planer, therefore it has a smooth surface on the bottom and top of the board. (S2S)

What does gang ripped mean?

Gang ripped is when a circular saw rips both sides of the board to a specific dimension.

How is board footage calculated?

Board foot is a measurement of volume. 144 cubic inches = 1 board foot
(example) 1 board foot =12” wide x 12” long X 1” thick

How is square foot calculated?

Square foot is a measurement of area. Width times length=area

How is linear foot calculated?
Linear foot is a measurement of length . EXAMPLE 2 pcs. 16’ long =32 LFT

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