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Sinker Treasures specializes in sinker cypress wood, river reclaimed lumber that is manufactured to your specifications and shipped nationwide. This old virgin cypress timber has very tight growth rings which increase stability and durability of this wood. These traits are what make this wood attractive to cypress wood-workers, craftsmen, contractors and builders.

The waters of the cool rivers and swamps perfectly preserve the submerged sinker cypress logs, which lay on river and swamp bottoms for hundreds and hundreds of years. These magnificent river recovered cypress and sinker pine logs are considered to be buried treasure, because they yield the some of the best richest finish of any almost wood. Many people call our beautiful sinker cypress wood, Dead Head Cypress, Old Growth cypress, River recovered cupress, Heart cypress, Reclaimed cypress, Antique cypress or deadhead cypress, but it is the same. deadhead cypress

Long, long ago, massive Cypress forests dominated low-lying areas from Louisiana to Florida with trees that had hundreds of Cypress trees per acre. The average tree size was three to four feet in diameter, but some Cypress trees that were as much as 700 years old were five to six feet across.

Cypress growing in swamps tended to have a richer, redder color than Cypress trees growing on more upland sites. Thus, the name "Tidewater Red" was coined for Cypress that had reddish colored heartwood. Cypress growing on less moist sites tended to be called "Yellow Cypress." The same species of Cypress that grows in Louisiana is known to the locals is South Carolina as "Lowland Cypress." We call ours Deep Swamp, named for where it grows. Thus, there is occasional confusion in the marketplace today when customers ask for Cypress by one of the various names that has developed across the last hundred years.

Our customers love using our sinker cypress and sinker pine for both commercial and residential projects. Sinker cypress is perfect for siding and paneling, while sinker pine can be milled into beautiful flooring and stairwells.
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Our Products

We supply a diverse selection of rough or finished sinker cypress. Our lists of products include beams, timbers, post, lumber (4/4’,5/4’,6/4’,8/4,10/4 and 12/4 thickness ) kiln dried to 10-12%moisture content. We also can manufacture paneling, flooring, decking, S4S, crown molding , window and door trim, baseboards ,ceiling panels, interior and exterior siding and much more.
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Why Cypress?

Cypress has a very tight grain and it naturally resists insect pest and decay due to the natural oil present in the wood. There fore deadhead cypress is well suited for exterior applications. Cypress takes paints, stains, varnishes and other treatments very well. once planed the lumber has a range of color varation. Some people treat it with varnish to retain the natural color, others may opt to paint or stain the wood. It is also possible to leave the sinker cypress untreated, in which case it will eventually take on a gray / silver color.

Sinker Cypress & River Reclaimed Cypress Lumber

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