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We like to think of our river reclaimed lumber as the Eco-friendly, green building product of choice. Using this reclaimed old growth cypress and sinker heart pine helps preserve our forest by utilizing the antique wood harvested hundreds of years ago from the virgin timbers.

Sinker Cypress is often used to obtain LEED points (The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – Green Building Rating System).┬áLEED was established for market leaders to design and construct

pulling river recovered logs

Retrieving River Recovered Logs

buildings that protect and save precious resources, including using recycled material such as Sinker Cypress Lumber.

Our product is environmentally friendly. We are using wood that was cut over 100 years ago instead of harvesting the wood that is grown today. We are utilizing the labor of workers from days gone by as well as supporting our local economies. When cypress trees are replanted today, it will take over 1000 years to grow as large as our river recovered timber. There are no existing trees of that size today.