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Sinker Pecky Cypress - Ceiling
Pecky Cypress: Sinker Pecky Cypress Ceiling Panels

Pecky Cypress: Sinker Pecky Cypress Ceiling Panels

Flooring: Sinker Cypress
Flooring: River Recovered Sinker Cypress

Flooring: River Recovered Sinker Cypress - Random Width

Ceiling Panels: Sinker Cypres
Sinker Cypress Deadhead Ceiling Panels

Ceiling Panels: Sinker Cypress Deadhead Lumber

Flooring: Using Sinker Heart
Flooring: Sinker Heart Pine

Flooring: Sinker Heart Pine

Outdoor Furniture: Using Recla
River Recovered old growth cypress - outdoor furniture

Outdoor Furniture: River Recovered Cypress

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Welcome to Sinker Treasures River Reclaimed Lumber. We offer the most diverse selection of sinker cypress and sinker pine lumber.Our lists of products include beams, timbers, posts, lumber (5/4″, 6/4″, 8/4″, 10/4″) paneling, flooring, tongue and groove (T&G), decking, S4S, and any molding desired.

We specialize in river recovered lumber that is manufactured to your specifications and shipped to your location nation wide. We devote personal attention to every customer by advising them step-by-step through the different cut and color options. From the log to the finished product, we are there for you at every stage.

Call or email us today for your estimate and/or sample.

“Virgin timber grown and preserved for centuries”


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River recovered - outdoor flooring Sinker Cypress